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Kannel for Windows

KannWin image
Download Kannel SVN
Version svn-r_2023.10.22
ZIP, 3.5 MiB
Download Kannel 1.4.5
Version 1.4.5 (recommended)
ZIP, 3.4 MiB
Download Kannel 1.5.0
Version 1.5.0
ZIP, 3.4 MiB

!!!Kannel requires at least Windows 2000 (tested on SP4)!!!

These are Kannel WAP/SMS gateway binaries compiled for Windows. More info in the README.txt file.

You can get the latest information on the official website: www.kannel.org.

WARNING: Kannel is not officially supported for Windows. This archive is provided "AS IS", the author does not provide any guarantees and is not responsible for problems associated with the operation of the program. You act at your own risk!

Kannel is the property of The Kannel Group and is published under the Kannel Software License. By using this product you agree to the terms of its license.

POSIX API: Cygwin 1.7.18 (licensed under GNU GPLv2)

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